Referral program

Referral program

You get an instant 10% commission on EVERY deposit made by one of your direct referrals and once you refer someone, you own that referral for life. Typically, when one person joins and makes a deposit, they end up making many more over time. We’ve seen many satisfied customers have just 1 or 2 referrals and banking thousands of dollars in commissions doing nothing at all. One referral is worth potentially hundreds or thousands of dollars!


For every referral that one of your direct referrals makes, you get paid 3% on their future deposits as well. That’s where it gets really crazy profitable! You’ve got to at least try to get a couple of referrals in your down line. We’ve made this process very simple for you, send a message on the contact us page, and we will contact you immediately within 24 hours and get you with all the explanation.

You can still Earning Money from Referring others to this Special Referral Program even if you don’t have made a first deposit to your CryptoAllDay.Com Account. This is an excellent way of earning money by itself! You get paid 10% instant commission on all of your 1st level of referrals deposits for life! You’ll also receive an extra 3% commission on the 2nd level if one of your personal referrals refers another person to us! These commissions are for life and many people make a fortune this way alone!

It’s so easy to fund & use your account, Click Here to Get Started with CryptoAllDay EASY


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Mustaffa SopianPosted on3:59 am - Apr 24, 2020

Dear Admin
What is my referral link
My ID # 122578

AltCoinPosted on12:00 pm - Jun 16, 2020

Great article, i choose to invest in altcoins too!

Niamh BardsleyPosted on12:35 pm - Jul 2, 2020

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