Benefits of using Bitcoins

Benefits of using Bitcoins

  • Cheaper and faster: Bitcoins transactions require less time compared to the traditional ones, and can take place at any time. There is no transaction fees because there is no third-party involved, Peer to Peer
  • Safe from manipulation: Bitcoins is beyond the control of any particular country or body. Moreover, the total number of Bitcoins that can be issued is Limited, a finite figure. As a result, artificial manipulation of Bitcoins supply is impossible.
  • Greater protection for the consumer: Individuals have complete control over the transfer, expenditure, and retrieval of their assets.
  • Higher Transparency: All transactions made through Bitcoins are traceable because the blockchain records them permanently.
  • Privacy and Security: Bitcoins transactions are inherently safe and secure because transactions can be made without any information related to personal identification. Moreover, the blockchain prevents fraudulent charges by monitoring the unique address of the coins.
  • Protect your wealth from devaluation by the government
  • Bitcoins are the equivalent of Internet cash. You can send Bitcoins over the Internet directly to anyone with no middle man. Like cash, Bitcoin transactions are irreversible. Bitcoins are traded worldwide.
  • Bitcoin is an International currency, can be spent all over the world by Digital Currency Debit card
  • Bitcoin is the denomination of economic freedom. It gives players the ability to make instantaneous transactions all over the world with no fees.

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