Help and FAQ

Help and FAQ


How do I deposit funds into my account?

Once you have logged into your account, you may make a deposit by going into “BANKING” and clicking on your preferable deposit method. There are several deposit methods available.

What is the minimum opening balance?

In order to have an account with CryptoAllDay, you need to deposit a minimum of $250 USD or 0.04 BTC.

Is there a maximum deposit?

There is no maximum deposit.

Can I add Credit Cards to my account?

Yes, you can add, remove, or replace Credit Cards in your account at any time. You may do this for the purpose of depositing or withdrawing funds from your account and/or paying for online services.


Do I need to send you any documents for withdrawal?

CryptoAllDay takes great measures in protecting its customers and providing the highest security standards. Therefore, we personally identify all of our customers.


In order to withdrawal your trading account should be fully verified within the first 7 days after your first deposit.


Documents required for verification:

Proof of Identity: Valid passport and\or driver’s license.

Proof of Residence: Recent utility bill which states your name and current address (not older than 6 months). In any case you funded your account with a Credit Card – a masked copy of both sides of the credit card is required. For your security it is important you mask the first 12 digits and the CVV on the back side of your card.

Declaration of deposits: hand signed.

Should you have any questions in regards to the documents required please contact us at [email protected]

How do I make withdrawals?

Log into your account and click on “BANKING”. In the displayed menu, you will see “Withdrawal”, you will find two options for withdrawals: Wire Transfer and Credit Card. There is a minimum withdrawal of $100 USD or €100. The minimum of a wire transfer withdrawal stands on the amount of $1000. All Withdrawal Requests are processed by our account managers and you will receive an email confirming the request. For more information concerning any aspects of withdrawals, please read below.

How long does it take to withdraw money from my account?

At CryptoAllDay, we strive to ensure that withdrawals by bank wire are processed within 3 to 7 business days, provided you supplied CryptoAllDay with all of the proper documentation. If you make withdrawals using your Credit Card, then it may take your processing bank up to 10 business days to send you your funds. Please be aware that you may experience delays if you use a third party withdrawal process, which is completely out of our control.

Is there a maximum amount I can withdraw from my account?

No. You may withdraw all of your funds at any time to either your Credit Card or bank account. Withdrawals can only be credited to the account from which they were originally deposited (e.g. a HSBC Credit Card deposit can only be credited back to the HSBC Credit Card and not to another account. The deposit and withdrawal accounts must match.

Is there a service fee for withdrawals?

CryptoAllDay does not charge any service fees for withdrawals. There is a service fee of $25 charged by the bank for wire transfer.


Can I trade from home?

Yes. You may trade from anywhere you choose, either with your desktop platform or our advanced mobile and tablet apps.

Do I need to download and install any software for trading?

No. CryptoAllDay.Com Live Platform trading platform is completely web-based. This means that you simply need to open and fund an account with CryptoAllDay in order to start trading immediately.

Do I receive a confirmation for each transaction?

Every time you open a option trade, you will see an on-screen message confirming that your trade has been placed. You also receive a confirmation email with the details and results of your trade once it expires.

How many positions can I open?

You may open an unlimited number of positions. We do advise that you discuss your trading strategy with your account manager before you open trades.

How much tax do I have to pay for my profits?

Tax rules depend on your location, personal status, and many other factors. You should contact your local tax advisor for a more accurate consultation.

How often are transactions updated in my account?

Transactions are updated in real time as your CryptoAllDay account trades are captioned. Once you have made a trade, you may view its details by clicking on ‘My Account’, then ‘My Portfolio’, followed by ‘History’. You will then be able to view past and current trades and full trade details.

I don’t have Internet connection; can I call my account manager and instruct him to trade for me?

We provide trading services for exclusive customers holding “Platinum Accounts” only. Please contact your account manager to apply.

What actions can I perform online and what online services are available?

CryptoAllDay allows you to trade all Crypto Currencies pairs, review your account history, review trade history, and send customer service requests as well as make deposits and withdrawals quickly and easily.

What do I need to access the CryptoAllDay trading platform?

All that is needed is a personal computer, laptop, or mobile device with access to the Internet.

What is an expiry time?

This is the time at which the lifetime of a trade position expired or stopped. This is an important event because it determines whether you finish in-the-money or out-of-the-money .

What is the investment limit?

The maximum amount that can be invested into a single position is 5000USD or the Bitcoin currency equivalent. However, there is no limit to the number of trades that you may exercise at any given time.

What is the Time displayed on the CryptoAllDay Trading Platform?

The time zone is the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

What are your Trading Hours?

The Digital Currencies Trading operates 24 hours, simple like the internet and is the world’s fastest-growing traded market.

What is “Risk Refund Trade”?

Also known as “Risk Free Trade”, it is a Bonus which was deposited to your Account in order to cover a loss from trading activity. The bonus is subject to the company bonus Scheme as defined on the company terms and conditions.


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